How to Spiritually Prepare for the Storms of Life



I’m sitting here at my desk this afternoon, checking the weather updates for an approaching windstorm that’s predicted to send cows flying and houses landing on witches.

Life is sometimes like that. You know the storm is coming. Things aren’t going to be calm like this forever. Someday you’ll be faced with your

And when that happens, how will you respond? Can you prepare ahead of time without being paranoid about it?

I believe you can.

First, having a theology of suffering before you experience the reality of suffering saves you from years of going around a cul de sac of wondering (a.) where God is, or (b.) how He let this happen.

Unfortunately, when storms come, we tend to be shocked and wonder if God knows, cares, or can do anything about it. I was there once. In 1999, 2007, and in 2011… Anyway–let me save you some of the time I wasted and share

5 things you can do right now to weather the storm

1. Believe in God’s sovereignty.

Many Christians give lip service to their belief in the sovereignty of God—until all hell breaks loose. But God is sovereign over all creation, job loss, healthcare reform, country, calamity, illness, and death.

Does He cause evil? No.

But He is sovereign over it, and brings His purposes about through it. This is a message of incredible hope in hopeless situations. God can redeem even the worst storms of life.

2. Believe that God is in control.

God is in control of when your storm blew in, how long it’s going to stay, and when it’s going away.

3. Trust that He is all you need.

Here’s the best secret you’ve heard all day: building your faith is often a major purpose of the storm. God loves to remind you that He loves you and is, in fact, all you need.

4. Position yourself in community.

If you’re not in a loving, biblical church community, get thee hence to one now. Why make the storm worse than it needs to be? God’s love, care and help are seen, felt and experienced within a close community of believers.

5. Stand firm until the storm has passed.

God will deliver you from the storm, through it, or out of it and into heaven. But–He will never leave you, and He will never fail you.


For more on the subject of the storms of life, check this great link from Paul Tripp.

And, if you’d like, leave a comment with what your top storm preparation is.


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5 Comments on “How to Spiritually Prepare for the Storms of Life

  1. Read this and had to come back to it, because I didn’t know if I had anything to add. So well written and true, Jean. Especially relevant to me at this very moment is that whole idea of a theology of suffering and sanctification. Also, I once read and led a discussion group over the book and study guide, “Calm My Anxious Heart”, by Linda Dillow. Highly recommend. Though there are many take-aways, one thing which has really stuck with me is how she called God the “Blessed Controller of all things”. That moniker captures #1 and 2 in your post and, as I have prayed to Him, I often tell Him that I know He’s the blessed controller of all things, and that frees me up to a) seek and act in His will, and b) take myself off the hook for trying to control everything (because God only knows how hard I’ll try…).

    Love that we have our strengths: yours is being succinct, while mine… is being wordy. 🙂

    • Thanks, Gretchen, for writing!

      It is hard to know, sometimes, what’s our responsibility to push through on, and what’s His, in all this sovereignty stuff. But if we’ve done all we can, then we have to trust that He will see the rest through. It’s almost easier when it’s totally out of our control…but even then, we can ruminate about woulda, coulda, shouldas, and if onlys. That would be another blog post: our responsibility vs. God’s responsibility.

      But then I come back around to “He remembers that we are dust…” (Psalm 103:13-14) …and we can rest in His Sovereignty.

  2. Thank you, I love how God can use words on a screen to feel like you just has a tea date with a wise friend <3